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My fitness journey- result

Hey all, it's now 10 days after WBFF and I've got a chance to do an update about my day.

On the day I woke at 4.30 and couldn't get back to sleep which wasn't ideal. I got to hair and makeup/ tan for 7.30 and then the day was all go, with no time to relax!

As expected of WBFF, It was a very well run show from start to finish. The stage, music and organisation was great.
I do however think it made a difference that I didn't get to know any competitors prior to the show which gives you a little backstage friendship. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to mix with other girls on the day, as it was all fairly rushed.

Going out on stage at the morning (pre judging) I was really nervous. Normally I'm nervous but get onstage and you'd never know it! This time I felt different and like never before found it was hard to pose confidently.
Although in the line up I had more confidence, I still came off stage feeling a bit flat and disappointed. Still I was determined to rock the night show.
Looking at the photos my family had taken and hearing their comments, I was pale compared to the other girls. So at the interval I got a tan top up by the girl in charge of tanning.
I had paid to have a slightly darker coat as this was suggested to look better and was approved. So it was even more odd I looked so pale. 

Anyhow, with a darker tan and confidence like I usually have, I went back on stage and was happy with my performance.

Unfortunately the main judging is done earlier, so perhaps I missed my chance of a better placing.
I came top 5 in my category which was good, although I'd hoped for better. I have placed higher abroad in larger categories, so you can't help but feel a little disappointed.

After the show I met with my family and friends that were there to support which was great. Unlike being in the U.K, I had more support being close to home.
I devoured a couple of donuts and some chips, chicken and wine. Sunday was a pasta day at an Italian and then, with a photoshoot the next day and another comp not long away, it was time to get back to clean eating.

I'm happy that during my whole process I've been appointed a 'Shredz ambassador' so I'll be posting about their supplements. This is a great opportunity and will keep me even more busy than now.

For just now my focus is on my next show. I'm doing WFF in 10 days time now.
This show is very different but I'm looking forward to it and know some other competitors, so it'll be nice backstage mixing with them. I think a much shorter day too which will be great.
Stay tuned for my update and pics on that one. 😀
Kel x

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