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My Fitness Journey To The WBFF Stage

Kelly Daymond - Owner of Escapar Active and Fitness Competitor

11th April 2017 - 3.5 weeks out.
It's just over 3 weeks till I hit the WBFF stage on the Gold Coast. I'm super excited as this federation is very glamorous. It's a fashion, fitness and beauty show.
Having competed a few times before, I'm fairly used to the prep and what's involved. Every event is different though and this time I've decided to share my journey with you.

Here's a little bit of my background.
As a teenager I suffered from Anorexia. This was from age 13-15 years. People often look at this disease as if you're being selfish or vein. For me, I believe it was a way of having control of my life during an unsettled time. My parents were separating and my best school friend was moving abroad. It took a long time to fully recover but I did -even refusing to be hospitalised, I pulled through.

I’ve always enjoyed sport and I danced competitively from a young age. This evolved to training at gyms and I eventually moved to the weights room where I was pleased to get my little spaghetti arms to have a bit of muscle. I never really regularly trained with weights till my mid 20's.

I then decided to do my first fitness competition in my 30's and dived in at the deep end. I entered the Cypriot National Championships in 2010!  At that time there weren't many female competitors and they had a fitness category only. My coach put me on a low carb, low fat diet from day one. In fact I can't recall having many fats at all, not even supplements like fish oils.
I followed this diet for 12 weeks and It was really strict. Believe it or not It got worse and for the last few days I was eating trout only for 6 meals followed by sweet potato only!

As you can imagine I got very small but unlike being anorexic, I had a 6 pack and muscle. That event was a real mind challenge but I placed 3rd in the fitness category. I was happy to gain weight after it but it was still mentally challenging to do it sensibly. The diet and weight loss was probably the hardest thing I had been through since the eating disorder- but I did love competing and thought I'd do it again!!

A couple of years later I entered in the UK Miami Pro (open short bikini class) and travelled over from Cyprus for the show. I placed 3rd again in the bikini category which was excellent given that I was giving away "several years" to many competitors!,

After a little break from competition I was over the moon to be pregnant with our little girl. This bought a new mental challenge - dealing with your changing body but NOT being able to control the changes. I wasn't one that loved being pregnant like some women do. I loved the kicks and hearing the heartbeat but I gained 19 kilos and I ate fairly sensibly! I found it tough.

Our girl was born breech so I needed a c section. This meant no training for a while but I was determined to get back in shape. After the layoff and 4 months of hard work and diet later, I was back at pre pregnancy weight. Time for another challenge, I decided to go that step further with the aim of competing on stage again.

With our gorgeous girl just 17 months old I entered another 2 popular UK bikini category events where I placed 2nd (earning a Pure Elite Pro Card), 4th and 5th. I've learnt that bikini categories are much better for my body type.

Competition prep for me usually consists of 12 weeks. This time I've started 3 weeks earlier than that by initially getting back to clean eating -after all my indulging over the festive season!!!
 I've chosen a great coach that trains girls for comps. It's perfect that he works at my local gym so this time I've been able to have a couple of PT sessions a week with him too. I’ve had an online coach before which worked well but it's great if they can see you in person too. He regularly checks my measurements and progress. In addition to training/diet you also need to do posing practice as each event has its quirks. I have a wbff pro coaching me for that. I’ve been seeing her once a week for a posing lesson in the final few weeks leading up to the show. Posing  and poise is a massive part of your overall appearance on stage!

Throughout my prep, the goal is to lose body fat but gain muscle. So far this seems to be working by eating 7 small meals a day. I've gained more gluteus from deep squats and hard booty training.Carbs are still included which is great. I love my rice, potatoes and oats to give me energy.
I have 2 breakfasts and find it's best to weigh out all of my meals early so I just throw them in the steamer as needed. George Forman is my friend through this prep! Our little girl is now a very active 29 month old and my Beach and Activewear business keep me busy! So I don't want to be in the kitchen in my little bit of spare time!

Training was 6 days per week initially but now there aren't any days off, I'm doing all 7!! I train for an hour a day and there's no cardio- my workouts are pretty intense and get me out of breath anyway. 😀

I train one body part per day and it's getting more intense closer to my show. Dietary wise I've had all sweeteners cut out this week which is hard since I have such a sweet tooth.

The glamorous part of competing is choosing your bikini. I've designed one that so far I'm happy with- from what I've seen of it. It should be ready in about 10 days!
Having competed a few times before and having had different bikinis made, I've learned a lot and now have someone working with me who can make beautiful competition bikinis. As a result, we will soon be offering stage bikinis on our Escapar Active website which is exciting!!!!

With the wbff , you wear a dress as part of the show in the bikini category. A full length gown is what they require.
I thought this would be nice and fairly easy to source so I looked online and thought I had found a bargain- A dress reduced in price that looked lovely in the photo.

I should have known it was a bargain for a reason. It looked like it was coming from the USA but took ages and turned out to be from China. No tags attached and it was huge and not at all like the picture! What a mission trying to return it too!! I ended up going to PayPal and disputing it and am still awaiting the refund 6 weeks later! Moral of the story, getting anything cheaper doesn't always pay off! 😀
I then found a replacement dress on the Gold Coast that I liked but it was very pricey. After some searching I managed to find it in the US significantly cheaper although the cost of alterations have proved more expensive than I expected!

I'm starting to feel hungry every couple of hours now because that's how often I've been eating for weeks. I've not had any cheat meals so I'm really looking forward to something naughty to eat.  I do miss meals out with our little girl and my husband but it's worth it when you see results.

Its funny as I find myself asking how my husband’s food tastes all the time! I also focus on others eating, like my fussy daughter. This weekend I'll enjoy watching everyone eating their Easter eggs and I'll just have to keep a favourite of mine aside for after my show.
Enjoy your Easter and I will be back in a few days with the latest update on my journey to the stage.

Please feel free to ask any questions or let me know if there's something in particular you'd like me to mention.

Till next time, Kelly x

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