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My Fitness Journey To The WBFF Stage - 2 weeks to go!

I'm back after surviving a pretty full on week.
I have to admit, seeing myself just a few weeks out from stage condition, I started to panic a little about still seeing a little fat on me. Quite a normal thing to doubt yourself at times during prep.

Of course it's hard to tell how much is water but I started to worry. Since my diet hadn't changed in weeks, I thought maybe this was the reason.

Naughty me decided to change it a little (without my coaches advice) I decided to cut one rice meal out, thinking I'll lean up a bit faster. 😉
I'm getting measured by tape and fat calipers weekly by my coach.
I made this change in between my Tuesday measure ups but only for about 4 days! Well, he started measuring me and then the calipers came out. No fat loss in that week, however I had lost a kilo and measurements... off places I didn't want to!
I got a bit of a lecture for cutting foods as I had gone into 'catabolic' state. In other words, I'd started breaking down muscle tissue which isn't what you want.

I then had to have 2 days of getting glycogen back into the muscles. I have to admit, maple syrup mixed with rice tasted amazing. 😋
Then I got measured again 2 days later and I had lost fat again! Geez it just goes to show, you need to EAT to lose body fat and not muscle!

Thankfully I had the time to rectify my big mistake.

Posing practice happens every day. Some days trying to dodge around my little 30 month old copying me while I break in my shoes! 😬

I went to the alterations lady and my dress needs more taken in but it's looking good.
Bikini is getting collected this week too.

So it's all coming together now.

I've been craving lots of things these last few days. I think it gets harder the closer it becomes. It's kind of like, when you need the toilet it gets worse the closer you get to it! 😂
My husband sits in front of me eating lots of yummy things and my mouth waters buttering my daughters toast. Of course we had Easter too, so there was chocolate everywhere but in my tummy!

I have to constantly keep myself busy so it's not so hard.
I have a photoshoot booked for after the show. It's always great to capture your hard work and add to my portfolio. Plus It gives me the opportunity to get some nice pictures wearing my Escapar Active wear range!

I'll be back soon- around peak week time! 😬

Thanks for following my journey to the WBFF stage. Til soon x

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  • Lorraine Lovell on

    Good Luck with the competition Kelly, you are a star in our eyes

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