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My Fitness Journey To The WBFF Stage - Peak Week!

I'm now into peak week! This week is full on with very little - no carbs, loads of water and depletion training.

Right now I'm into my 3rd day of no carbs and actually feeling okay considering. I'm probably running on adrenaline mainly.
I just can't wait for something nice to eat though. As the body gets harder, so does the chicken to chew!
I've started google searching Krispy Kreme donuts, restaurants and shopping for my after show goodies!
Today I've been hanging for something sweet. I did buy some lollies to look at. 😂
I bought zucchini shredded like pasta. I think to kid myself it's carbs. 😄
I'll be meeting with my coach in the morning and then will have a re feed meal.
Today's depletion training was so full on but that's all till after the show now. Just posing practice. 

Last week I was excited to get a call to pick my bikini up and changed my posing day to go and collect it.
Well, I went there and pulled it on gently to find something had broken off the connector.
Not sure who was more shocked, me or the lady making it.
Needless to say she had to then change the connectors and put fabric under them to ensure they'll hold up! 😏
So a few days later I picked it up. It's good now but I'm not putting it on again till the day incase! 😏
I've walked in my dress once as my husband wants the surprise of seeing me in it on stage. So a quick whip around last night to check I can walk ok and that's good to go too.

Tomorrow evening I get tanned and next day registration. Excited now for show day... and donuts! 🍩😋

Will be back next time with pics and talk about the day.
Wish me luck! 🤞

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